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              The new trend of the market demand of bathroom: the trend of customization is the trend

              According to the Market Research Report, the customization feature is a lot of bonus points for the shower board of the endurance board, which has become the "weapon" for the innovation and development of the bathroom market and solving the homogenization problem. From the present market, vigilance of the phenomenon of homogeneity is the unified attitude of many enterprises. People who make shower products believe that the existence of homogenization destroys the fairness of market competition. For ordinary consumers, unbalanced competition will reduce the experience of products.
              With the consumption market being gradually occupied by the post-80s generation and the 90s generation, data show that 90% of the consumers focus on the design of shower rooms, and 87.2% of consumers look at the "customization" feature, choose the endurance board shower room. Obviously, plagiarism and customization are market contradictions, and contradictions are the source and driving force of the development of things. Therefore, the innovative behavior carried out by sanitary bathing enterprises is also a solution to this contradiction, which further promotes the development of the industry.



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