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              Chinese architectural ceramics enterprises should seize the opportunity to open up the Russian market

              As China to Russia and other CIS countries and European countries the most important international big channel, China largest railway port of Manchuria customs data released in June 26th, 2017 1-5 months, Manchuria port building ceramics exports to Russian Federation 13 thousand tons, 2.1 times over the same period last year, accounting for the same period in the port of export of ceramic products 99.1% of the total value of trade; 100 million yuan, an increase of 88.1%.

              In the ceramic tile anti-dumping as one falls, another rises in China and around the world, the wave of ceramic industry vigorous development momentum, China ceramic tile exports are facing enormous challenges especially in 2016 There was no parallel in history., the volume and price down situation, the total export is below 30%. According to customs statistics, 1-12 months in 2016, China exported 5 billion 531 million yuan of ceramic tiles, down 33.57% from the same period last year, and the unit price dropped from 0.45 US dollars to 0.32 US dollars / kg. The export of unglazed bricks was 1 billion 768 million US dollars, 52.15%, 3 billion 763 million US dollars for glazed tiles, and 18.73% over the same period.  ).
              "China has always been the largest tile consumer in the world, but in the past two years, compared with foreign counterparts, our cost performance and other advantages are rapidly declining." Executive vice president of Chinese Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Miu Bin said in the second areas Chinese ceramic sanitary ware summit expressed this concern, "last year, the total amount of exports fell 30%, forecast this year fell more than 30%, while India and Brazil these emerging countries share more and more."
              Under such a background, the huge demand of housing construction in Russia is undoubtedly a great benefit for the export of building ceramics.
              According to the data released by Russian Federation National Bureau of statistics in February 2016, in 2016, under the influence of the national economic crisis, Russia built and put into use 1 million 156 thousand and 500 residential units, with a total area of 79 million 800 thousand square meters, which was 6.5% lower than that in 2015. But after 2017, with the economic recovery of Russia, with the support of the policy, the housing construction of Russia is gradually recovering.
              According to the Russian news agency, before the end of 2019, the Russian government intends to provide 7 trillion and 440 billion ruble funds for domestic housing construction financing. Russia's national housing development and development plan shows that in 2017, the housing area in Russia was 81 million square meters, and in 2025 it was 120 million square meters.
              Manchuria customs believes that the double positive impact in support of the national housing construction development in the "The Belt and Road" initiative and invested heavily in Russia, China building ceramics enterprises should seize the opportunity to open up huge market in russia.



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