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              Tiles for tiles or cement?

              Family decoration tiles with ceramic tiles or cement? Listen to the master's words, regret my home early good!

              Tile adhesive plaster wall tiles
              Cement mortar: first of all, we should take the cement as the main material, add some additives and mix the water with water. The cement mortar used to paste ceramic tiles is all additives to ensure that ceramic tile adhered smoothly and steadily. For example, waterproof cement mortar must be made up of additives to form a thin film to prevent moisture immersion.
              Error: paving thickness, paste not stable, material more the greater the chance of hollowing.

              Ceramic tile adhesive: ceramic tile adhesive bonding strength, water resistance, aging resistance, widely used in the various areas of the wall, simple and easy to work.
              Error: a cement mortar for many high resist the truth.
              The ceramic tile adhesive tile, tile without water, no wet wall, the workers skill requirements are not high. The speed of the paste is about 4 times that of the cement. There will not be any excess slurry in the brick joint, and the bricks will not be dirty. They will also be able to lay more tiles together.

              Tile to tile with cement mortar, construction criterion to wet wall, brick, etc., and is also very good, very prone to hollowing tiles, etc. scattered.

              First, tile tiles are applied to the walls or floors, and after being completely dried, the tiles are then pulled out from the base surface by professional tools, so that they can be stripped from the base surface. In this process, the professional tool will use a lot of force to remove the tiles.

              There are tiles and cement mortar with rubber, called tile adhesive mortar additive, the additive increases the bonding strength, flexibility and water resistance of the cement mortar, as the interface processing agent and ceramic tile adhesive force strengthening agent, suitable for swimming pool, family kitchen and toilet and other moist sites!
              The teacher said: tile glue is served as a traditional cement mortar benefit, modern optimization and resource saving paving system, suggest you choose, can choose ceramic tile adhesive.



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